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1st Floor Master House Plans

There are many choices to make when considering a new home, and there are advantages to choosing a Zicka floor plan that includes a 1st floor master floor plan in Cincinnati. We’ve created convenient first floor master house plans that maximize both living space and private space. Our 1st floor master bedroom house plans are designed with every luxury to make your master suite a true retreat.

The designers and architects at our Design Center will make choosing the 1st floor master floor plan in Cincinnati a unique experience. We’ll help you visualize your home and select the right style of first floor master floor plan for you. Our first floor master bedroom house plans include custom closets, full, luxury baths and spacious sleeping areas that are tucked away from bustle of the living and dining space. Our homes are a blend of cozy rooms and open floor plans to fit your style, budget and needs.

A 1st floor master house plan is a current trend in home building that reflects homebuyers' desire for multi-level homes with plenty of space for guests and family, but with the convenience of easy access to the master suite. As our population ages, it has become a desirable option for homebuyers who want to remain in their homes as long as possible, or want the privacy of a suite away from the rest of the bedrooms. Zicka 1st floor master floor plans make living convenient, particularly for families with many children, a member with mobility issues, and multi-generational families.

Choosing a Zicka Home with a 1st floor master floor plan in Cincinnati will fit the way you live today, and in the future.

1st Floor Master